TESCO and the reaction of Ludlow: in pursuit of excellence

“In pursuit of excellence”

This most informative documentary on the town of Ludlow is an in depth analysis of the sense of place, the urbanism that makes a successful community. I would take heart if I knew members of Dudley Planning Committee in particular had watched, listened and learned.

(Footage between 32 minutes to 37/38 is the important bit)

Available on iPlayer until 29 August Only

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TESCO, Stourbridge: My final word?

Please take time to read this article from the Independent, its relevant to us all and I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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Tesco: Stourbridge. E-mail to Planning Committee members post Decision

Intro to Urban Design – Training Event

Dear Councillors,

Following last evening’s Planning Committee meeting you will no doubt be unsurprised to learn of my disappointment regarding the outcome of the Application by Tesco to redevelop the Crown Centre. It was obvious that my comments previously distributed to you all by e-mail fell on deaf ears, with only the one exception.

I would like to clarify that my comments regarding the juxtaposition of the development next to Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas did not infer that the development should be a pastiche of former styles; far from it; I am an advocate of contemporary design and abhor buildings which have no integrity. My point here was that the new should be of commensurate quality and intrigue.

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Tesco: Stourbridge. Post meeting letter to Stourbridge News

Letter to Stourbridge News

Dear Martyn,

Tesco: Stourbridge

If you are intending to run an article following the Decision made by Dudley Planning Committee this evening, I am more than willing to ‘put my head above the parapet’ and be counted in having objective, but adverse opinion. I’m sure Chris Bramall, another Parliamentary candidate from last May, who was sitting beside me in the public gallery and appeared to be of similar opinions could also be persuaded to comment…Chris?

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Tesco: Stourbridge. Pre meeting e-mail to Committee members

Planning Application: P10/1429 Proposed Redevelopment of Crown Centre Stourbridge

Dear Chairman and Members of the Planning Committee,
With apologies for this direct approach, I had intended to register to speak in objection to the above Application at this coming Monday’s Committee Meeting, but found upon telephoning to do so that I had inadvertently missed the 10.00 am deadline to do so, which I accept has to be a firm deadline. I have been trying to access the Planning Officer’s report since notification of the Committee date was received, but for some reason the link to Committee Information from the Planning & Environment pages of the website has been inoperative since. I have only this morning seen sight of the report having been directed to it via alternative route by a Planning administrator by ‘phone. Feeling to be something of a single voice on this matter I was well prepared to ‘put my head above the parapet’ to have my opinions heard in the greater public domain.

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