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Amyand Park Chapel

An existing 1950’s chapel in a residential streetscape. The chapel’s entrance presence on the street was rather non-descript. Also, with a growing congregation, the chapel required existing space to be rationalised to accommodate this. Three proposals were produced for presentation to the chapel elders offering a spectrum of possible solutions at different budgets.

Champions Church, Netherton

Designed by Alun whilst an employee of Level 7 Architects of Brierley Hill, this design remains a copyright of that Practice; the perspectives are reproduced with kind permission of Mr T Griffiths of Canwell Artworks

St John\'s Church, Dudley

Closed through results of spurious quinquennial inspection, the St Johns Church Preservation Group aspire and strive to bring this prominent building back into meaningful use. We have been appointed as Architectural advisors to the group and have thus far advised upon and orchestrated masonry repairs up to the point where a Contractor can be appointed.

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